Income Tax - BCOP 502

 Chapter- 1

Income Tax Law

Introduction & Basic Concepts


A tax may be defined as

a compulsory extraction made by General Government from the general public.”

A fee charged (or levied) by a government on a product, income, or activity.”

Tax is a financial charge imposed on individuals or legal entity by the Government in pursuant to its legislative authority. A number of taxes have been imposed by various Governments covering different aspects such as income, wealth, sales, expenditure, services provided, production, import, export etc. The purpose of taxation is to finance government expenditure.…………



LLB Sem 1st Jurisprudence

 LLB Sem 1st Jurisprudence

B.Pharmacy-Communication Skills- Unit -1

Chapter – 1

Communication Skills

Introduction & Basic Concepts

Meaning of Communication:

Communication derived from the world COMMUNIS which means COMMON.

The term Communication has been derived from the Greek word “Communi-cate” which means to share.

Thus Communication means sharing or exchange of information.

Communication is concerned with the ways we make others to know or to understand our feelings, opinions, ideas, informations etc…….



Company Law BCOP 302

 Chapter- 1

Company Law

Nature of Company

Meaning:   The word ‘Company’ is very much in use. Generally it means a group of people or organization of people for a particular purpose.

The world ‘Company’ is derived from the combination of two Latin words such as COM & PANIS.

Broadly speaking company connotes the idea, a member may transfer his interest in the association without the consent of other members. Such association have perpetual succession and common seal…….



Family Law-I ..... 2009


Note:- All questions are compulsory. Each question carries 1 ½ marks. Answer to each question is to be in five lines.

1. What is the nature of Muslim marriage?

2. Age of marriage under H.M. Act.

Jurisprudence-1st Sem .... 2013


   I. Explain the following :-

      a) Objectives of Law

      b) Sovereign

      c) Socio-legai Research 

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