BCOM-301 Micro Economics May 2012

 Section-A                                                       (10x2=20 Marks) 

      1. (a) Differentiate between Micro and Macro economics.

          (b) Define Law of Equi-marginal utility.

          (c) Define Cross elasticity of demand.

Transfer of Property Law- 2013


I. Write short notes on the following:-

    (a) Actionable Claim

    (b) Right to receive future offerings

    (c) Contingent Interest 

Transfer of Property Law- 2010


Note :- Attempt ALL questions. Each question carries 1 ½ marks. Answer to each question is to be in 5 lines.

      I. Write notes on the following:-

a)      Immovable Property

b)      Effects of invalid attestation

Family Law-I ..... 2010


Attempt all question. Each question carry one and half marks.

1. Define Samritis

2. Nature of marriage without witnesses under Muslim law

3. Legal status of children born of void and voidable marriage

Jurisprudence-1st Sem .... 2011

 Jurisprudence-1st Sem .... 2011

Jurisprudence-1st Sem .... 2010

 Jurisprudence-1st Sem .... 2010

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